Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dolls 2016

Here is a recap of my work in 2016.

CDA Bowl Fillers Challenge

CDA Bowl Fillers Challenge

CDA Bowl Fillers Challenge- Row Boat and a pair of oars

CDA Bowl Fillers Challenge- Seagull sitting on pilings

Nautical Theme Bowl Fillers

5-inch Magenta doll

Close up of 7-inch Doll with Giraffe

7-inch Doll with Giraffe

Colleen fabric picks for a beaded jacket, dress, pants, shoulder bag and hairband

7-inch Colleen

5-inch Prim Doll Norma

Norma outfitted with her vest

5-inch Laura with red hair and green eyes

5-inch Andrea wearing a one-piece jumpsuit

5-inch Angel with big brown eyes and brown hair

5-inch Dannisha wearing a one-piece jumpsuit with a matching party hat

5-inch Lauren with brown eyes and black hair

5-inch Sydney the Rag Doll

Sydney's bloomers and undershirt

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