Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dolls and Pins 2010- 2011

Here are some dolls and pin dolls I made from 2010- 2011.

Beth the Cat- 10-inch hand painted prim cat

Close up of Beth's face

Christmas Bunny- Created for a CDA challenge

Maxine Americana- Created for a CDA Prim Doll Studio challenge

Close up of Maxine Americana prim doll

Missy Cottontail- Free pattern for CDA members

8-inch Felt Welsh Dragon

12-inch Folk Art Hand Painted Mannequin

Folk Art Halloween Night Painting on Muslin

Folk Art Painting on Muslin

Little Vampire Bat Pin Doll

Toucan Pin Doll made for a Pin Doll Alley challenge

Gigi- 15-inch hand painted doll and dress

Blue Gigi

Yellow Gigi

Halloween Gigi

Purple hand painted 12-inch doll

Green and Red hand painted 12-inch doll

4-inch black cat with a jeweled collar for a Pin Doll Alley swap

3-inch yellow and lavender crescent moon

Good Boy Charley! Pin Doll made of felt

5-inch Gold Fish pin doll 

Miga the Olympic mascot for the 2010 Winter Olympics- Made for a Pin Doll Alley swap partner

Mouse and Book Bag pin doll made for my swap partner for Pin Doll Alley

Opened book bag showcasing the little notebook I made with real pages.

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