Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dolls and Pins 2012- 2013

Posted below are photos of my projects from 2012-2013.

Darren the Mouse

CDA Felt Bridal Cake Challenge

3-inch Digger the Little Groundhog pin doll

Wally, Winnie and Wilbur from Hotel Transylvania- 4 inch pin dolls

Sparky the Dog from Frankenweenie pin doll

Snoopy on top of his decorated dog house doll pin

Whimsical Caterpillar pin doll

CDA Make it Ugly Doll Challenge pin doll

CDA Flower Challenge- Baby sleeping in flower

CDA Springtime Steampunk Challenge- Otto pin doll

CDA Animal Challenge- Cow pin doll

The Grinch pin doll

CDA Humpty Dumpty Challenge  

CDA Challenge doll Arriety

CDA Halloween in July Challenge- Bride of Frankenstein doll

Close up of hand painted Frankenstein pumpkin

Henry the Chicken

CDA Candlestick Challenge- Lumiere the Candlestick 

Men In Black Alien Laser Dolls

CDA Valentine's Day Prim Challenge 

Little Bella Witch

Little Bella Witch

Little Bella Witch

Little Bella Witch

Little Bella Witch

CDA Prim Challenge- Billy Bumps and Dolly Dingle

3-inch Billy Bumps 

3 1/2-inch Dolly Dingle

4-inch Little Red Fox

C. U. Soon Felt Halloween pin

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