Friday, December 16, 2016

Dolls 2003

Pictured below are my dolls and animals made in 2003.  Some of these dolls were for swaps, testing or for sale.

Raggedy Andy- (27-inch Raffle Doll)

Raggedy Ann (27-inch Raffle Doll)

1957 Agon Ballet Dancers 

Adeline (8-inches)

Annie Myrtle (8-inches)

Big Little Guy (7-inches)

Candy (8-inches)

Carla Jean (8-inches)

Carol Ann (8-inches)

Caroline (10-inches)

Chrissy (10-inches)

Christmas Mouse (8-inches)

Crystalline (22-inch pattern test for Kat Lees)

1,200 pearl beads were sewn onto the dress and headpiece.

Delilah (8-inches)

Dessie Delora (10-inches)

Donna (8-inches)

Dorrie (8-inches)

Gwendolyn (10-inches)

Jilly (8-inches)

Marnie (26-inch Raffle Doll)

Natasha the Leopard Cat (22-inches)

Nishikawa and her Dragon Puppet (22-inch Hoffman Fabrics Traveling Doll)

Rear of Nishikawa doll

Oakra the Little Troll (Ute Vasina Pattern)

Rhonda (8-inches)

Sheila (8-inches)

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