Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dolls 2004- 2007

Here are my dolls and stuffed animals from 2004 -2007

Isabella (pattern by Allison Marano)

Miranda and Malena (Gift for grade school teacher)

Olivia Otter Pin Cushion 

Prince Griffith the Dragon (character from my children's story)

Back view of Prince Griffith the Dragon

Riffle (an Allison Marano pattern)

Sadie Rag Doll (10-inches)

Miss Margaret (22-inches)

Egan the Elf (24-inch Christmas doll swap)

Lady Gwendolyn (pattern by Sandra Corson)

Mardi Gras Queen (22-inches)

Flap the Ornithologist (Pattern by Nancy Gawron)

Rear view of Flap. 

Cricket and Barnaby  (15-inches)

Barnaby and Alex

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